We are a New York based brand currently featuring footwear and apparel. We stand for creative expression through our perception of laid back and appealing high-end streetwear in NYC which is the potluck of the world in fashion and style.  

As a sneaker lover, versatility and style longevity is a must. It creates memories. Looking and feeling good while living your day to day is something that’s necessary. Especially when you’re working hard and want to wear something in comfort, style and perfect for just about any occasion. This level of casual is essential.

Created and co-founded by Brooklyn New York native Ddot NuuWorld who’s known for her eclectic smooth, flashy style from custom military jackets, 80’s vintage styled leathers, cool footwear, dark shade and her signature big hair. It was only a matter of time before the birth of illNuu, created in 2014, came into physical form. Fashion and music are always major aspects in Dot’s life since early childhood. 

“Ill is short for illumination
Nuu means it’s in you (N, U & U & U etc…)

All that ever has and will exist is already in you
Allow your NUU to shine through
Embracement of your light
It can be expressed in various forms
In order to do so, we must always and truly face ourselves
Without the filters of the world or mind
Objectively is the necessary view for an ascending process
Your ill will make some people sick
It’s part of the cleansing process
There’s pain in detachment from the people, places and things we love
However, it’s part of the growth process
Make room for your NUU”


Ddot NuuWorld